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A colourful assortment of glossy stickers featuring rude but fun insults - ideal as a token of affection for your friends! Each sticker is created, coloured and cut out by hand - these are unique little stickers and not print-outs.


• Shot in bright, natural light
• Glossy, high-shine finish
• Petite: these are teeny at approx. 2 - 3cm in length
• Made to order, so please expect very slight variations from the photo
• Made up of 3 layers: glossy laminate layer + sticker itself + peel-off sticker back. Please take care that you are peeling the back off and not the top glossy laminate layer - we recommend starting with the sticker design facing down and peel from the back.

Rude Insults Sticker Set

PriceFrom £4.00
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