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A little about Teapeach & me...

You may already know Teapeach on Etsy or you may have only just stumbled upon my little shop here - either way, welcome 👋🏼!

Teapeach started up as a temporary project when I was fresh out of university, whilst I looked for a "real" job. I wanted to start something that I had an active interest in and make it my own, rather than find any old part-time job for the time being. I'll admit now that after several years living in the uni timezone... I wanted to hit two birds with one stone, as I didn't much fancy a morning commute either. After gaining considerable interest and support on social media (Tumblr actually, the blogging platform of my teens!), the shop successfully launched on Etsy on 3rd November 2014 and had its first sale the very next day 🎉.   Fluke or not, since then it has been very well received, now having completed over 1000 sales and received a lot of lovely feedback ❤️.

Always, Handmade

At Teapeach, we (that's me and my aspirations) pride ourselves in our handmade processes which give our items their special charm and we're sure that's why you'll love us too: each and every item is handmade to order or created in small batches to ensure quality and we're forever looking to improve and upgrade items through new techniques and materials! You can find out more about the creation processes in the product descriptions and over on my Instagram.


Here's what's on offer!✨I hope you find something you like 🥰 and don't forget to subscribe below for 10% off!



Hi! Besides making stuff and painting, I love travelling, hiking and a good read with a cup of tea...


Here's me taking in the beautiful view of the Greek Islands from the top of Mount Zas!


My friends will probably say that I should've listed eating as a main interest right at the top...

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