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Pastel hues against lightly speckled, monochromatic shapes inspired by cookies and cream milkshake!🥛🍪 . These yummy earrings feature minimalistic flowy shapes and have a lovely matte finish.🖤 

• Minimalist silver-tone finishing earrings with stainless-steel posts.
• These earrings are super light to wear and do not drag on the ears 👌🏼.
• Photos shot in bright natural light but note colours will vary across digital screens.
• Stainless Steel: A quick reminder that "hypoallergenic" items do not prevent all allergies but instead mean that you are less likely to have one.

- rectangular upside-down arch tab studs 1.5cm

- long rounded rectangular dangles 3cm length

- bean shape is roughly 2.5cm x 1.5cm

- circles 1.5cm diameter

- organic circular loop roughly 3.5cm diameter

- squiggles 4cm length

- rounded triangles 1.5cm

- semi-circles 1.5cm height, 2.7cm width
- moons 2cm width

- pebbles 3cm length

- rounded squares 1.7cm

Passion Fruit

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